The Blytheville Prayer Garden began as a calling from God for Him to become closer to the citizens of Blytheville.

In 2008, two homes on the land adjacent to the First Christian Church in Blytheville, Arkansas were purchased by a private donor and, after the residents were relocated and the homes were removed, the land was gifted to the First Christian Church to become a prayer garden for use by every citizen in Blytheville regardless of Christian denomination.  

The Blytheville Prayer Garden is made up of a series of seven gardens surrounding an outdoor chapel named The Garden of Praise.  The Garden of Praise is comprised of a granite Cross, a marble Communion Table and is surrounded by stained glass pillars and stone benches with inspirational scriptures on each attribute.  The Garden of Praise, the first completed garden, has been used for weddings, community Easter sunrise services, concerts, military honorary services and unique blessings of our animals and farmland.   It is accessible at any time for any individual needing quiet reflection and prayer.

The seven surrounding gardens were designed around a personal journey of faith.  Our journey of faith begins by searching for the peace that only God can give.   Finding peace in scriptures such as Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God, leads one to begin to understand the strength of God.  When pairing the peace and strength of God, one can begin to see the hope that a relationship in Christ affords.  Only then can one have a perspective of the blessing of trials in one’s life which leads to submission to Jesus Christ.  Once fortified with being one with Christ can we fully and completely offer forgiveness.   And, after forgiveness, one can truly experience the love of God.   Upon entering the garden, most visitors will start with The Garden of Peace, then move to The Garden of Strength and The Garden of Hope.  The tour then takes on to The Garden of Trials and the Garden of Submission.   After time in those gardens, the visitor will move to The Garden of Forgiveness and The Garden of Love before joining others in The Garden of Praise. 

The garden project has undergone 4 phases to date.  The first phase was the acquisition of land, the relocation of residents and the removal of the houses.  The second phase was the foundation of the garden and concrete work.  The third phase was the placement of the Cross, Communion Table, benches and pillars.  The fourth phase was the lighting, water, safety and security of the garden.    As of 2016, giving from various individuals, families, corporate sponsors and government grants have totaled over $275,000 and the garden remains debt free.  The First Christian Church continues to own and operate the Blytheville Prayer Garden through a Finance Committee, a Design Committee and a Spiritual Committee.  These three committees ensure the guiding principles of the garden are upheld with each financial, operational and scripture decision.

The next phase is the brick phase which will be the brick construction of each of the surrounding seven gardens.  This phase is expected to cost approximately $45,000, and when completed it will make each garden ready for the unique plants, flowers, trees and materials to create a diverse, thriving garden for all who know Jesus Christ to experience Him in a unique, tranquil way.

Consider giving to the Blytheville Prayer Garden through an honorarium, memorial or sponsored giving.  Your gift will last a lifetime and will advance the ministry of Jesus Christ in a small Arkansas town.

Thank you for helping our garden grow!